Orchard Turbine Sprayer-Fa

Orchard Turbine Sprayer-Fa

Recognition and applicaition


This machine is used for combating all kind of pests diseases & spraing reinforced soluble in mechanize orchards like citrus pistachio -peach olive- apple-ect



Uniform spraying due to uniform particle diameter of venom & eliminate human error during spraying

Reduce the amount of venom consumed about 50% in comparison with trailed sprayes and have no venom drip on the ground

Preserving environment Reducing spraying costs by eliminating labor force

Increasing spraying speed up to 7 times Replacing air sprayer

This machine is manufactured in two diffrent types

mounted(three point linkage  

trailed(one point linkage  



Three-part polyethylene tank includes
a. principal tank
b.handwash tank
c.washing circuit tank
suction tank ejector( avpid connection
 (venom rese rvoir & water resources
Equipped with2speed gearboxes for-
increasing spraying efficiency during
working withkinds of tractors to have
 optimal use of fue
 Anti-drip nozzles(preserving environment-
Hydraulic agitator to have uniform venom
during spraying
Equipped with special clutch system for
Transmission power from minimum to
maximum -
to prevent damge to pump & gearbox

:Kinds of sprayers
 Mounted(three point linkage
Trailed (one point linkage