Pneumatic pruning and harvesting series farm turbine sprayer

Pneumatic pruning and harvesting series farm turbine sprayer

Farm Turbine sprayer

This machine is used for combating all kinds of pests in high trees farm and spraying in large scale for combating pests like wheat and gras shop


Uniformity spray due to uniform particle diameter of venom and eliminate human error in the spraying Reduce the amount of venom consumed abot 50% in comparison with trailed sprayes and have no venom drip on ground Preserving environment Reducing spraying costs by eliminating labor force Increasing spraying sped up 7 times :




: Speciffication

Three-part polyethylene tank includes

A. principal tank

B.handwash tank

C.washing circuit tank

suction tank ejector( avpid connection


(venom rese rvoir & water resource-

Equipped with2speed gearboxes for -

increasing spraying efficiency during working

with kinds of tractors to have optimal use of fue

Anti-drip nozzles(preserving environment-

Hydraulic agitator to have uniform venom

during spraying

Equipped with special clutch system for


Transmission power from minimum to

maximum to prevent damge to pump & gearbox

ability of changing turbine angle hydraulically

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