Boom sprayer ARYA 2000

Boom sprayer ARYA 2000

Understanding and application

This type sprayers are available in various dimensions and the method of attachment to tractor pulling two types of mounted and can be built

Polyethylene tank consists of three pieces: the main tank ( hand washing tank ) tank washing circuit design perfect place to evacuate

The chassis of steel and painted by electrostatic

External suction filter with valve for cleaning the filter

Equipped with folding ladders for the inspection of parts and tank

Two-sided canvas with three joints on each side during with eight jack compound (X model)

Filling system tank-type sucker (no direct connection between the tank and spraying water resources and prevent environmental pollution

Ability to install additional equipment to customer order such as

Set up electronic systems

Ability to use one to Four wheel   nozzles

Measuring the amount of input into the tank loading

Tires in sizes

Mix the initial (pre-mixer) to mix evenly and uniformly sprayed delegate compounds