About Us


Sina  Sanat  Shomal  is  the  producer  of  different  types  of  agricultural machinery and devices,  fruit sorting and packaging machineries  The company  was  established  by  help  of  God  and  management  of Mr.SIAVASH KAZEMI,  based  on  the  years  of  experiences  in  the  field of production  and  research  and  also  scientific  and  practical abilities in the field of producing agricultural and industrial machinery, using modern  technologies by observing international standards and expert work forces using modern equipments and machinery  for production line The company is honored to have a share in production of Iranian products with high quality that can compete in the international level The company  manufactures  its products in different factories  in Sari All  of  the  products  of  company  are  guaranteed  and  has  long term 

after sale services   

The objective of company is to observe regional standards and also to 

increase  customer  satisfaction  and  provide  products  with  higher 

quality and the lowest price possible


  • Some of the products of company are as follows :
  • Machines for washing, waxing, and sorting (grading) fruit
  • Machines for washing and grading potatoes and carrots
  • Machines for dedusting and grading potato and anion
  • (Portable washing and grading device mobile)
  • A variety of automatic and semi­automatic packaging machines
  • Electronic and weight gradation machines
  • Fruit disinfection machines for storage
  • Machinery and equipment for degreening rooms
  • Fruit heat therapy machines
  • Dates harvest lifting machinery
  • A variety of rotavator
  • Various Shredders
  • A variety of stretching and mounted sprayer in atomizer turboliner and boom models
  • Weeding machines for vegetables
  • The  exclusive  representative  of  fungicides  and waxes  for  fruits
  • licensed by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education
  • A variety of air compressors and pneumatic pruning devices